Horse Farms in Virginia and What to Consider

horsefarm in virginia

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Owning a horse farm in Virginia can be very rewarding than at the same time daunting. Most horse farms in Virginia available for sale have been around for centuries. Which can mean some buildings on the property may be outdated or not fit to use. When looking at horse farms in Virginia, here are a few things to consider. How many acres you want/need, outbuildings available, water source/location, zoning requirements. But those daunting topics aside, this area is a great place to start horse farms in Virginia. You have abundant rolling hills of lush grass and pastureland. Pristine creeks or streams on some properties. Picturesque views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Can we talk about the fantastic weather?

Horse Farms in Virginia: Land

Horse farms in Virginia range from small acreage properties to hundreds of acres. All depends on what your vision is for your property and what you want to do with a horse farm. But keep in mind, each horse needs approximately 2-3 acres of grazing area according to Virginia Cooperative Extension.  How many horses you own or plan to purchase will need to have enough acreage for grazing.

Outbuildings and Barns


horse farms in Virginia


Most horse farms in Virginia will already have outbuildings on the property. Which you will want to have each outbuilding, farmhouse, barn inspected. Make sure they are still in good use or what repairs will be needed. Are these outbuildings in low lying areas? Run off from rain, snow or water saturated areas can damage the foundation of these buildings. Although you may have multiple outbuildings on the property, cost of repairs can determine whether the property is worth purchasing. Keep in mind, repair costs will be in addition to what you spend to purchase the property.

Barns are incredibly important to have when owning horse farms in Virginia. If you need to invest additional money into your horse farm, this would be where to invest your money. Horses will spend much of their time in their barn. Sleeping, eating, having babies and taking shelter from the weather. Food and grain will be stored here. You will want to ensure stalls are an adequate size for each horse. Approximately 12 square feet per stall is recommended. Make sure the barn is located in an area away from wet spots on the property. This will keep horses dry, food and grain dry and moisture from damaging the structure.

Water Source

Horses need a lot of water. Clean water. Check to see where the water source is on the property. Whether it is a lake, creek, pond or well. Horses can drink more than 10 gallons of water daily and multiple this for many horses, you can see why you need an abundant water source. Wouldn’t hurt to have the water tested before purchasing the property. This will ensure water is clean, free from contaminants.

Everyone has their own vision or dream when looking into horse farms in Virginia. These simple suggestions are just the tip of the ice burg when looking into properties. Find a horse farm for Sale that will fulfill your dream or needs. Be educated when purchasing your property. Find an agent who has an extensive background in agricultural properties. When taking the time and making an educated decision, you are bound to find that perfect horse farm.