Purchasing and Owning a Horse Farm: It‘s about more than just the property

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Buying and owning a horse farm can be a lifetime dream for some. When making the decision to purchase a horse farm there are many expenses to consider besides purchasing the property. Such as how much land is needed per horse, fences to build, barns to design if one is not located on property, farmhands to pay if needed, horse feed, vet costs, or true value of the land. Owning a horse farm takes a lot of sweat, tears, and hard work. Perhaps the first thing to think about before buying a horse farm property in Virginia is to consider what matters the most to YOU when making your purchase.

Here are some points to think about:

  • Is this property for YOUR horses or do you want to run boarding facility as well
  • Do you want to live on the property as well
  • Finding the best type of land/grass for raising horses
  • Abundant water supply on the property
  • Condition of existing barns/stalls/riding arenas
  • Has the property been maintained
  • Confirm acreage with surveyor
  • Zoning Laws
  • Affordability of upkeep/maintaining farm in specified areahorse_blog

What should be most important to YOU is the potential you want your horse farm to have. Ask other owners what is important to them or how they chose their property, also ask how labor intensive/expensive it is to run a horse farm similar to the size of property you want to purchase. Get real answers from real people who already own a horse farm in the area. Do your homework and ask questions you may have about the property. You do not want to make an impulsive and hasty decision because it could lead to overpaying for the property or reoccurring problems. Once you have your list complete of what you want your farm estate to look like/want then it is time to start searching for the perfect property.

Searching for a horse farm to house not only your family but also horses can increase the frustration of finding the perfect property. Not only do you have to take into consideration the quality of house for your family but also the buildings for your horses. You will want to find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about horse farms and horse lovers. Consider contacting us, to help in finding the right property for you and your equine friends. Our trustworthy agents can be contacted at (877) 646-8800.

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